Project Name: THE BULLET


Objective/ Aim- To Explain the working and construction of Crane.

Technical details- The crane completely explains the working and construction of Crane.The model features a movement in all directions easily.
It also features a 360` rotation of arms and can lift a weight upto 1.1kg.
The model consist of 6 dc motors , 4*150rpm for motion of crane,1*10rpm for 360` rotation and 1*5rpm for lifting up of objects.
It is equipped with polyester yarn thread A-22 grade which can bear upto 10kg load.
The model includes 4 tyres of motion and 2 extra tyres(front n back) for balancing the model.
The extra tyres are welded a little up from base so that they work only when load is lifted without providing resistance when unloaded.
The crane also consist of counter weight of 1.5kg to balance the load lifted.

Innovativeness & Usefulness-the project shows creative ability.
The project is 100% balanced and can lift a load upto 1.1kg automatically.
The model can lift the objects via hook and can place it anywhere and upto 30cm of height.
It can also drag objects via the front n back tyres.
The concept of tyres at front and back is solves a big issue of balancing the crane without a significant increase in cost.

Current Status of Development-the project is significantly improved over previous alternatives or applications. It gives better performance under the condition of use.
The model shows a better working process of cranes mainly improving the balancing techniques. This will allow to lift heavy loads easily.
Thus reducing the risk of accident.

Market Potential & Competitive advantage-
Cranes are the most important part during construction of building, bridges and other large scale project.
Governmrent owns several types of cranes but a crane with 360` rotation is yet to make and applied.The model is feasible and acceptable as it features some new techniques for uplifting of load like 360` rotation and tyres in front and back.

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